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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hating the Haters

I hate the term "hater."  Why?  Because it sounds stupid and it's an easy way to dismiss someone.  You know the saying, "Don't be a hater."  You may hear it from time to time when someone opines differently from the group.  It happens all the time when discussing favorite  sports teams and sports in general.  For example,   I'm not a big fan of hockey.  It just doesn't get me interested like other sports.  I don't hate hockey but I'm disinterested.  If I were to admit my disinterest, invariably some numb nut is going to say, "don't be a hater."  And when it comes to college rivalries, the phrase is often used if there is a disparaging remark made about the rival team.  Just because one isn't a fan doesn't make him a hater.

Let's break it down and dissect the term. First, hate is a horrible emotion.  To hate is to intensely dislike or detest.  It's a negative emotion that stirs up feelings within someone of disgust, dislike, and utter repugnance of something or someone exponentially.  The word Hate is an emotion I'd imagine a Nazi or a KKK member to feel often.  Hate is the opposite of love and love makes us do stupid things.  Imagine what hate can do.

Secondly, the phrase, "Don't be a hater" is a euphemism for "STFU, your opinion doesn't count."
It's this century's substitute for "That's not politically correct."   It's an easy way to dismiss someone.  I don't like it when someone calls me a hater.  It evokes an emotion in me like I was just rebuked.  I actually stop and think about my comment and actions and question whether it truly was hater.  Why?  Because the term is that powerful.  Hate is a powerful word in my vocabulary and it's just plain evil.  Maybe, I'm old fashioned and maybe a bit sensitive but it's how I feel.

In either case, the phrase also promotes group think and discounts individuality.   What's group think?  It an insidious monster lurking within any organization including management and any groups in society.  It exists in circles of friends, clubs, organizations of any sort.  It's a cancer that wikipedia describes as a mode of thinking that happens when the desire for harmony in a decision-making group overrides a realistic appraisal of alternatives.  Alternatives and individual opinions are overruled just because harmony is more important. It's the de-evolution of humanity to stifle different opinions and contrary thoughts.  It creates yes men and let's individuals hide behind a group decision instead of standing on their personal rock for what they consider right based on their value system.  Group think is the basis for code of silence we see so often when the shit hits the fan in an organization.  It also tries to defuse personal accountability for one's actions or a group's actions.  It's the foundation for looting and rioting. You know the term, "If you can't beat them, join them."  Group think becomes mob mentality.

I don't know where the phrase originated but in my mind when I hear it or read it, it stirs up an emotion of dislike. not hate but rather sadness because someone just got shot down because their opinion wasn't the same as the person who said, "don't be a hater."  I just hope that this saying becomes obsolete sooner than later.

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