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Friday, September 23, 2011

It ain't over until it's over

Just wanted to clarify that I'm not retiring from blogging.  Some folks may have misinterpreted my last post as being the end of my blog.  My message was that it's the end of a chapter in my life.

Sorry to disappoint you but this blog really is a selfish endeavor for me personally and as long as I can make the time, I will continue to write about stuff.  I'm sure working with new people will give me ample opportunity to sit back and throw darts and relate my observations here.

Thanks again for stopping by.


  1. I guess the fat lady hasn't sung for Tito just yet! Good to hear.. So what's the deal with the ads?? You're not making any extra change anymore off the blog?

  2. Sometimes we need to really see what is important in our lives......as a result we sometimes have to go through a humbling experience. So happy for your new job! I've been there done that.....S.D.

  3. Oh thank goodness!! I can deal with having my favorite fusion in smaller doses but not with never! Thanks Tito!!