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Thursday, September 1, 2011

I Wear My Sunglasses at....where???

Hi Y'all, I've been under the weather so posting hasn't been a priority.  Here's something I started writing a couple of weeks ago. Yeah, I know-it's a weaksauce article but what do you expect on a Thursday before a long weekend.  This will probably be my last post until after labor day so thanks again for stopping by and have a super weekend and be safe.  The 'ber months are upon us.

I go to the gym several times a week usually late AM or early afternoon, and it never fails, there is always someone wearing sunglasses indoors. No, it's not the senior citizen with those funky wraparounds they can put over their bifocals.  The people that wear sunglasses are normal people with no apparent physical disabilities.  Sometimes, I just want to go up to them and ask them, "what's the deal?"  This is LA, not Jersey Shore.  I know some entertainers have a look that includes the shades but at the gym?  And it's not just guys but women as well.  Is this a trend at its infancy and nobody let me in on it? Most of the shades aren't even of the sporty oakley genre but more like the aviator or wayfarer type.  Did someone remake that Corey Hart song and change the lyrics?  Do people actually think they look cool where shades under the fluorescent lights? I can see the occasional optometrist appointment where the eyes get dilated but I see this trend too often to believe all these people had appointments that day to check their eyes.

I wonder if during the peak hours of 5 to 8 if more peeps work out with their shades.  What are they trying to hide?  A black eye maybe or possibly they ran out of eyeliner and just covering up? Or did they go to the clinic and get some kush for their self diagnosed pain?    Hmmm. and why do 99% of the women t wear those big bug eye sunglasses?  I would think they'd get all fogged up once a sweat broke out.  Plus it hides 60% of the face so some not so attractive women look decent in those shades.
I guess sunglasses in the gym are a fashion statement...and a bad one at that.If not fashion, are these dark shades used to mask the wandering eyes at the gym.  Did they forget to take them off after they parked their car and said "what the heck, let's just workout with them on."  As you can probably tell, this issue kind of bugs me.

So today, I'm asking for your feedback.  Why do people wear their sunglasses at the gym?


  1. Haha. I make fun of my wife all the time because she tends to leave her sunglasses on indoors, at least for awhile. Her reason is they are presciption, and she doesn't carry around her regular glasses.

    So we'll be in a restaurant, the grocery store, a dept. store, and I'll turn around and ask her if she's blind, or if she thinks she's Stevie Wonder. It gets on her nerves sometimes, but hey.. What are husbands for?

  2. Nice Carlos!!! Hey, I often wear my sunglasses indoors. It all depends on the intensity of the lights. Most often I'll wear them in the supermarket or Target. I am very light sensitive so I wear sunglasses from sunup to past sundown... nlv

  3. Carlos V, you're the perfect husband. keep on bugging her.

    NLV, I can certainly understand light sensitivity but the gym isn't super bright like the supermarket or target.