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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Countdown to #3

You ever have one of those f'd up weeks where 1 thing breaks then another etc.  Well, it's happening me as soon as I started blogging. First, my monitor goes on the fritz and shuts down.  It was so fickle that I finally gave up and just bought a new one.  Then last night as I was typing my blog, my keyboard died.  How the heck does a a keyboard die?  I have no idea but the space key wouldn't work and the return key was giving me problems.  I did what every IT guy does to fix things, I rebooted to no avail.  I even reconnected the cable.  No luck.  Luckily, (and I say that tongue in cheek) I had an extra keyboard in the garage.  Unfortunately, it's one of those ugly ass white microsoft keyboards with the big buttons like those old IBM selectric typewriters.  The damn thing is so old, there are no multimedia buttons so I can't hit mute when someone calls to turn off the moans and groans of the porn I'm watching. (just kidding hun. Just in case the wife is reading this)

So now I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.  Don't they say, it always comes in 3's. So now I'm expecting my PC to die, maybe my cell phone but dammit, it's inevitable some gadget is about to expire.  Oh well, no sense waiting around for it.  Shit happens..and speaking of shit, I think I better go get some black spray paint and update this retro keyboard.

Additional Info added 8/10:  I figured out that the third item to break was actually before the two aforementioned incidences.  Last week, I noticed that the left side of my earbuds went dent on my ipod.  So the theory that things happens in 3's proves true again.


  1. Dude, was that keyboard a leftover prop from the set of Office Space??

  2. Dear cgvjelly,
    actually, I think it's from my AST 286 pc back in the '80's.