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Friday, August 19, 2011

The Great Brawl of China and other things....

I have to laugh because sometimes, I get lazy and don't proofread my work. I post it then realize later I left out key words.  Sorry for the sloppiness.  If you read this AM's post, it was full of grammatical errors that would raise the ire of Mr. Caldwell, Mr. Thomason, and Mr. Davis.  It has since been corrected.

As for the embarrassing fight between the China and US basketball teams, the LA Times published the headline the Great Brawl of China and provided further background to the story.  To summarize, this particular Chinese team is owned by the Chinese Army and has a rep for being aggressive and fighting on the court.  The fighting has gotten so bad, warnings have been issued by an international sports federation telling the Chinese to cool their jets. As I suspected, the Chinese were the antagonists. There are pics of non-players stomping on a Georgetown player. How crazy is that? And where is security? 
I wonder if college teams will continue to send teams over to China next year.  Scheduling the goodwill games in other countries is a way for NCAA teams to get additional practice in with their head coach prior to the official preseason starting.  Getting posterized by a Chinese chump may make universities think twice about sending their kids over to Asia.

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