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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Kung Pow, Don't mess with the Chinese!!!


I just finished watching the video that went viral of a game between Georgetown and a Chinese Basketball team in what was supposed to be a goodwill game.  What a shame.....on the Chinese basketball team and not Georgetown.  If you watch the video, 2 players (1 from each team) get into it.  It looks like the Chinese team cleared the bench first then came the Georgetown players. While I'm not condoning any of the actions, a physical game sometimes leads to flared tempers and possible fisticuffs.  It happens at all levels and at park gyms all over the country.  In basketball, you're coached to stay on the bench.  Just look at the NBA and NCAA rule books.  The penalties are harsh including suspension on future games.  But in China, these basketball players were protecting their homie.  Consequently Georgetown had to back up their teammate.

What wasn't so cool was to see the Chinese players pick up chairs a la Bob Knight and possibly use it to crack open a Georgetown skull.  How wimpy is that? Or were they carrying those chairs so technically they can claim they never left their seat? Hmm...what's up with the Chinese?  Is the bravado of their government and constant saber rattling now filtering down to the masses?  Has it become a "cold war" in sports like the US and Russia back in the day.  Where is the sportsmanship?  I would expect this from US thug ballers but not the Chinese.  From a country that has no problem executing someone for shaming the country.  Just recall the dude who was responsible for putting melamine in pet food. He's dead now. 

So what are the next steps after a shameful outing and the game being cancelled?  Here's my solution:  Put these guys in a gym, have them count out numbers 1 and 2.  1's go skins and 2's go shirts.  Play ball as mixed teams and enjoy the camaraderie  No cameras.  No reporters.  Then finish playing and break dim sum together.  Now that's international relations Tito-style.

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  1. Ga-Tito... Kung Fu Panda... love it!!! I didn't know the Chinese team could thug it out... fans too! Did you see them throwing urine filled water bottles at the Georgetown contingent?! Ok, Maaaybe the bottles weren't urine filled. Damn those Chinese sure looked like... Americans! -JAM