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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Tiger-Diva or Dick?


So I'm watching the news last night and every sportscast is showing Tiger answering the question on whether he sets a lower goal other than winning a tournament when he's just coming back to play after an injury. Tiger basically retorts why play if it isn't to win.  Was this a dickish answer?  Yes and no depending on who's asking and if it's publicized.  Yes if this was a private conversation amongst friends not in the golf scene.  No if you're in public and your whole life has been about creating a brand and marketing yourself.  In today's world, there are so many expectations on the grand stage.  Expectations put forth by others as well as the person.  Balancing the need to satisfy those expectations and your own can be difficult in today's environment of branding.  If Tiger answered that question differently and possibly more honestly, it still would have gotten the same air time because it would have shown a chink in the armor, a weak spot, a vulnerability.  It would be on Youtube and kids 10 years from now would repeat it and lower their expectations coming back from an injury.  Tiger demands excellence from himself (at least on the golf course) as did Jordan, Bird, Magic and any other great athlete let alone great leaders in their respective field.  Nobody remembers 2nd place or the runner ups.  Winning is everything and that's why they compete.  The big difference is whether a winner does it through hard work and perseverance and doesn't hurt others along the way or cheats using PED's etc.  I don't blame Tiger for being a dick on TV.  If I was in his shoes with his talent, I'd do the same.

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