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Monday, August 8, 2011

It's August and I'm still not working

So what's up with that!! I've been busting my ass sending out resumes and cover letters, rewriting my resume, and scanning the globe for a freaking job.  I even went so far as to sign up with a temp agency hoping to get a temp job to pay my gas.  I took all their tests including typing and graded out pretty well.

But no luck yet.  I'm a smart guy, hard worker, excellent track record of success, and I present myself well.  I'm not looking to be a CEO or a VP dammit.  I'm happy being a manager or director.  I don't have an issue with hard work, multitasking, and fixing a broken process.  I thrive on that shit.

What's it going to take to get a job in this economy?  Am I going to have to change careers and become a personal masseuse to some cougars?  Will I start showing up at your door with a funky red and blue shirt knocking and simultaneously saying "Dominos:"?  I don't have a clue but I got to do something because I'm going stir crazy.

I got asked to coach Volleyball the other day.  I'm still pondering and whether I can make that commitment only because I'm holding out hope that some job offer will come my way.  I knew it'd be hard but this hard with my qualifications..I'm floored. To make matters worse, S&P just downgraded the U.S. debt which is sending the stock market into a downward spiral.  I'm afraid to look at my portfolio because I'm thinking the paper loss is double digits.

Anyway, I've got to keep a positive outlook on things and continue to work on self improvement, my work in progress garden shed, and keeping in touch with my friends.

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  1. Network and be open to take something different you may have never thought about ever doing!